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17th February 2016

Exeter Law Firm Retains Lexcel Quality Award

Exeter Law Firm Wins Quality Award

Exeter solicitors Rundlewalker have successfully retained the Law Society’s legal practice quality mark, Lexcel, a much sought after accreditation scheme for law firms.

12th February 2016

Safeguarding the Bank of Mum and Dad

With spiraling house prices, strict mortgage requirements and stagnant wages, there’s one bank that’s helping more and more young people get on to the housing ladder.

26th January 2016

Cyber Crime Hits Home Buyers

There have been plenty of horror headlines about cybercrime involving house purchases but we at Rundlewalker think this recent one is particularly cruel.

26th January 2016

Behind Closed Doors

A new Law has just come into force making it illegal for someone to exercise "coercive control" over their partner.

16th January 2016

Youths at the Police Station

The age of criminal responsibility in the UK is 10.

10th January 2016

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

It's not a great way to start the New Year but many couples have already faced up to the fact that their "happily ever after" days are now over.

9th December 2015

Goodbye Buy to Let?

Britain has enjoyed a long love affair with the idea of investing in property to let out. 

4th November 2015

Short term saving to long term nightmare

How’s this for a nightmare scenario? You find your dream home, your offer is accepted and you move in. Except that the dream sequence ends abruptly on the first night.

28th September 2015

When an Englishman's home is someone else's.

Imagine discovering that the home you thought you owned has been sold to someone else, or used as collateral for a huge loan.

23rd September 2015

Accidents at Work - know your rights

There are more than a million people in the UK suffering from work related illness or injuries, therefore it is important to understand your rights.

20th September 2015

DASLS Champions Cup

The team from Rundlewalker recently took part in the Devon and Somerset Law Society 5-a-Side Competition held at the Exeter University Sports Hall. 

6th July 2015

The mechanics of getting a divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful processes in life. Think Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who couldn't live with, nor without each other. It took two divorces to put a formal end to their relationship.

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