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14th March 2013

Defence of Marital Coercion - The Vicky Pryce Scenario

The defence of marital coercion has recently hit the headlines as it was used by Vicky Pryce in her trial in which she was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

11th March 2013

IMPORTANT - Changes to Legal Aid - Call us NOW!

Apply for Legal Aid before it's too late.

26th February 2013

Employment Rights for Axminster Carpet employees?

It has recently been announced by bosses at Axminster Carpets in Axminster, Devon that they have applied to go into administration. So where does this leave up to 400 employees?

20th February 2013

Employment Tribunal compensation for dinner lady

64 year old dinner lady, Carol Hill has been successful in pursuing her former employer, Great Tey Primary School, for compensation after she was unfairly dismissed.

18th February 2013

Defending Company Directors, Managers and Professionals.

Rundlewalker has set up a Department dedicated to advise and represent professional people who face criminal prosecution.

17th February 2013

Rundlewalker: Defending Copyright and Trade Marks Act prosecutions

'Beware the temptation of copying others on the Internet. Just because somebody else is making money out of selling items on the cheap does not mean that it is legal'.

17th February 2013

House Prices rise - act now if you want to sell!

The Halifax states that the average house price in the UK between January 2012 and January 2013 has risen by 1.3%.

15th February 2013

We have had 'Pre-Nups', now comes the 'No-Nup' agreement

It seems there may be a new trend in drafting agreements for unmarried couples who want to regulate their financial positions if their relationship breaks down.

13th February 2013

Defeat for the Government on 'Unpaid Back To Work schemes'

The Court of Appeal has today handed down Judgment on two claims in relation to unpaid back-to-work schemes.

12th February 2013

7 year itch...More likely the 5 year itch

A recent report by the Office for National Statistics has found that the 7 year itch in marriage would appear to be a myth.

25th January 2013

Proposed Government changes to Employment Tribunal damages

The Government has recently published its response to the consultation on ?ending the employment relationship? which includes a significant change in relation to what damages an Employment Tribunal can make.

15th January 2013

Man successful in obtaining compensation following ex-wife?s deceit

A man has recently obtained a surprising judgement for damages in relation to deceit by his ex wife.

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