Financial Help.

We recognise that hiring the services of a lawyer can be a significant expense, and for that reason we offer a range of funding packages that will help you readily afford our legal expertise and services.

We will talk through the available funding packages with you and help you decide upon the best option.

We will also ensure that you are given a cost estimate at the outset and as the case progresses. This means no nasty surprises at the end of the case and allows you to budget as you go.

1. Public Funding.
Public Funding or Legal Aid as it used to be called is available for those on low incomes and who do not have large capital assets.

We will advise you as to whether you qualify for Public Funding. We can help you complete an Application for Public Funding. You may have to contribute to your Public Funding, so sometimes other funding options are better suited to you.

2. Hourly Charge Out Rate.

3. Conditional Fee Arrangements.

4. Contingency Fee Agreements.

5. Legal Expenses Insurance.

Important Information For Your Protection:
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