Helping You With Claims for Accidents at Work

If you have suffered an injury caused by an accident at work, we may be able to help you.

Accidents at work are very common and can happen whether you are working in an office based job or in an industrial/construction setting. Whilst some injuries are minor, some can be debilitating and result in substantial loss of earnings and can put an individual under a terrible emotional and financial strain. We can ease that pressure by advising whether you have a claim and if you do, ensuring you receive the right treatment to get you back to work as soon as possible and receive appropriate interim payments to ease the financial burden.

An employer has a duty to ensure that his employees are protected and provided with a safe system of working so that the risks of an accident occurring are reduced. We have acted for individuals who have sustained injury because:

• They were not properly trained.
• They were not provided with the right equipment or the equipment was defective and not suitable for the task.
• They were not provided with appropriate protective equipment/clothing.
• They were not trained appropriately in how to lift and carry items or were not given appropriate equipment to reduce the risk of causing injury through lifting.
• They slipped on a wet floor at work as a result of their employer not having in place a suitable system of inspection.

Sometimes an individual may also have had their employment terminated as a result of the injury or for other reasons and the individual may also have a claim against their employer in the Employment Tribunal. We can advise on what is the appropriate course of action and work together with our employment team to ensure you receive the correct advice.

When deciding whether to bring a personal injury claim within the Civil Courts or an employment claim within the Employment Tribunal, you must consider not only the law but also some practical considerations.

If you want advice on whether you can make a claim please contact us.

Recent Successes.
Miss A worked as a children’s nursery assistant and slipped on a beaded necklace that had been left in the walkway of the nursery room. She sustained an injury to her shoulder and obtained £4972.00 in compensation.

Mr S was working in a woodmill. He had not received appropriate training on how to use the machinery, he sustained an injury to his finger when some wood snagged and pulled his finger onto the blade of a machine. Mr S recovered £6400.00 in compensation.

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