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We all know that we should make our Will, so what stops us? Statistically, we have a very good idea of when we will die from old age or when we may lose full mental capacity. By the same token, life insurance actuaries have a very good idea, numerically, of when proportions of the population will die.

What actuaries don’t know is who, specifically, will die prematurely. And neither do we. So, if we are not motivated into making our Will and LPA now, then it may be because we are happy with the scenario if we don’t:-

1. Intestacy – this is the Will that the State (Government) has made for you. If it comports with your own wishes, then that is fine. If you don’t know, however, then it is worth checking.

2. Deputyship – if you have not made your own LPA, then your family or friends will need to apply to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) for permission to be your deputy (attorney) to look after you and your affairs. This takes much longer and is much more costly (costs that your family or friends would have to incur) than registration of the LPA that you should have made. In the meantime, if no-one has access to your funds or authority to look after you, for example, to place you in a care home of your choice, then you may endure several months of hardship while you at your most vulnerable.

As people are living longer, many more are suffering from dementia, which means that it is taking longer for the OPG to process applications. Whatever you can do now to speed up your own procedure, is good planning.

To take away the uncertainty and guesswork from your future, make your Will and LPA now. Rundlewalker offers a professional service and competitive rates. And making a Will is not signing your own death warrant or acknowledging that you will die one day, it is sensible planning that means that you will not have to worry any more.

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