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Wednesday 15th March 2017

Après Ski accident? Go local with your claim.

Anyone watching the current TV series of The Jump on Channel 4 will realise that winter sports are not without their hazards...the celebrities must master a range of snow skills culminating in the ski jump itself. Even presenter Davina McCall said recently she was surprised that any stars wanted to take part in the show this year after the range of dislocations, torn ligaments and back injuries in the previous series.

Despite the risks, more and more of us head off to the slopes at this time of year, to enjoy the delights of a ski-ing holiday. But for the unlucky few, their journey home will be a painful one. Recovery could take a long time, meaning possible loss of earnings, with severe impact on home and social life. Plus you will need to begin the process of a personal injury claim on your insurance.

You might be tempted to follow up the many TV ads about personal injury claims, or be at the receiving end of unsolicited texts and calls from so-called specialist injury lawyers.

These are invariably claims management companies trying to create the impression that they are the experts in the field. The reality is that this is an aggressive exercise in ‘client capture’ numbers rather than a high quality personal service. Most aren’t even solicitors, merely marketing companies hoping to sell on your details to solicitors that could be anywhere in the country.

At Rundlewalker, we say go local for your accident claim solicitor.
So at Rundlewalker, we say go local. If you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault, you need the personal and professional service that solicitors like Rundlewalker can provide, rather than be allocated a solicitor in another part of the country that’s too far to visit. Remember, you could still be on crutches…

‘No person or injury is ever identical,’ says Susan Marsh, Head of Rundlewalkers Dispute Resolution Department. ‘Anyone embarking on this process will have probably suffered great pain, along with loss of earnings and inconvenience. It can put a massive strain on home and social life too.

‘Consulting a local solicitor will mean you have face-to-face meetings, rather than be just a reference number in a factory-style firm,’ says Susan. ‘You will receive bespoke correspondence regarding your claim, not merely a raft of impersonal template letters with your details pasted in.’

Another advantage of using a local solicitor is that they will have knowledge of good local medico-legal experts to call upon for reports to substantiate your claim.

Finally, a word of warning. If your insurer insists you use their solicitor, they are not just wrong but probably only doing so to pick up a referral fee.

Sustaining an injury is bad enough. Taking good local advice will at least provide the best possible outcome.

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