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Friday 19th June 2020

Cyber Essentials Certification - Renewal

Cyber Essentials.

As part of our ongoing commitment to data security and protection, we have been re-assessed and once again awarded the Cyber Essentials Certificate.

Having Cyber Essentials in place not only protects our business but demonstrates to our clients that we are dedicated to staying cyber secure and that we have the latest recommendations in place to counter newer threats. Like most businesses, law firms are increasingly reliant on IT and technology to deliver their services, and are falling victim to a range of malicious cyber activities. By renewing our certification, we are confident that we have the right controls in place. Although no guide can guarantee protection from all threats, sensible practices can reduce the chance of a successful cyber attack.

In 2018, 60% of law firms reported an information security incident - an increase of almost 20% from the previous 12 months - whilst the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) reported that over £11m of client money was stolen due to cyber crime in 2016-17.

Cyber Attacks exploit weaknesses in IT systems and software. Dudman Shaw, t/a Rundlewalker Solicitors are proud to have a Certificate of Compliance with the Cyber Essentials scheme, as meeting the Cyber Essentials implementation profile [BIS/14/696]. This scheme provides assurance that our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) defences have been assessed as satisfactory against commodity based cyber attack. We monitor and reassess these regularly.