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Monday 10th October 2016

Doing your Homework before you move

conveyancing exeterNo matter how many times you have done it before, moving is a stressful and costly experience. But doing your homework beforehand, will reap rewards in terms of a smooth and relatively stress free move.

The conveyancing team at Rundlewalker bring decades of experience to this process and are always happy to help and advise on any aspect of buying and selling property.

Rundlewalker’s Sam Reid says preparing your property for sale does not necessarily need a massive spend. It’s far more important, he says, to make sure it looks clean and fresh, and tidy at all times in case of last minute viewings.

De-cluttering is a must. If you’re a hoarder, enlist the help of a trusted friend to help you clear out the junk or store it either out of sight or better still off site.

Get together a file of essential information about your property, such as guarantees and receipts, information about the boiler, any work you’ve had done plus household bills and council tax.

This is not the time to fall out with your neighbours as you will be required to disclose any disputes to potential buyers. So keep the talk sweet over the garden fence.

Your next step is to choose an estate agent to market your property. Beware of dealing with an agency whose prime objective is actually to sell you mortgages and insurance rather than your house. If in doubt, choose a local independent agent who will probably give you a better and more personal service, preferably recommended.

Choosing a solicitor needs great care too. This is the most expensive purchase most people ever make so good professional advice is key. Cheapest is rarely best as in reality, you are probably employing an administrator in a factory style setting, working from prompts on screen and supervised in the loosest sense by a qualified solicitor.

Don’t be afraid to ask your solicitor about his or her experience and make it clear you expect to deal mainly with one person throughout the transaction. 

You should expect your solicitor to insist on talking through the title plan plus any possible risks in the purchase. Boundaries, rights of way, common entrances, past history of subsidence or flooding, disputes with neighbours – these are just some of the problems that a property purchase can throw up. Your solicitor will be there to represent your interests and explain any concerns he has about your purchase as well as iron out the problems before money changes hands.

Follow these important steps, and it really can be a home sweet home.

If you are considering a sale or purchase and need advice with your residential conveyancing, please call or email us for advice or for an estimate of charges: Rundlewalker Solicitors on 0800 015 2568. The following specialists are available to advise you:

Sam Reid, Solicitor: 01392 209205.
Louise Webber, Paralegal: 01392 209204. 

But, whatever you do, act now! Rundlewalker, conveyancing solicitors for Exeter, Devon and Cornwall.