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7th February 2020

Rundlewalker strengthen their Conveyancing Team.

Rundlewalker are delighted to announce the appointment of new director Jenna Hamilton-Pursglove who is heading up their Conveyancing Department, along with a warm welcome "home" to two previous staff members.

4th February 2020

'Gazundering', what it is and how to avoid it.

A recent survey found over 40 per cent of all sellers are concerned about gazundering, a practice which tends to increase when there is a flat or falling property market.

9th January 2020

Thinking of running a business from home?

The past decade has seen a 74 per cent rise in the number of people working from home. Are you thinking of joining them?

20th December 2019

Thinking of building in your back garden?

If you have a garden big enough for another property, you may be thinking about how a new building could allow you to downsize or to sell on and bank the profit.

5th December 2019

Divorce if you have been abandoned by your spouse.

Regardless of the circumstances leading to an abandonment, you may be wondering what your options are in order to obtain a divorce and move on with your life.

27th November 2019

Client Feedback Survey

Now available online – our Client Feedback Survey; please let us have your thoughts regarding your experience with us.

19th November 2019

Damar Apprenticeships, Career Opportunities & Training, Rundlewalker Solicitors Exeter.

Rundlewalker continues to invest in young talent through the Damar Training Apprenticeship Scheme.

13th November 2019

Planning your escape to the country, what you need to consider - part 2.

Our previous article Planning your escape to the country - Part 1, asked ‘How rural do you really want to be?’ and discussed the realities of living off-grid.

1st November 2019

COLP/COFA SRA Compliance Conference. Hannah Somers & Kathy Hayes of Rundlewalker Solicitors, chat with Clive Myrie of the BBC.

For Kathy Hayes, it's the second year meeting with "old friend" Clive Myrie.

2nd October 2019

Selling your home in a flat market, some top tips.

Carla Eagleson, conveyancing expert with Rundlewalker Solicitors in Exeter, explains.

4th September 2019

Planning your escape to the country, what you need to consider - part 1.

In the first of two articles, Carla Eagleson, a residential conveyancing expert with Rundlewalker, looks at some issues that could affect you when buying a rural home.

2nd August 2019

Claiming compensation for an injury suffered in a public place.

If you are injured in a public place because the organisation responsible for looking after it has failed in their duty to take reasonable steps to prevent an accident occurring, you may be able to claim compensation.

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