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27th June 2012

Exposure to excessive dust, chemicals, fumes, vibration or excessive noise?

Exposure to excessive dust, chemicals and fumes or to vibration and excessive noise can cause debilitating injury or disease.

27th June 2012

Tour operators have a Duty of Care towards holidaymakers

Have you or a family member suffered an injury or illness whilst on holiday in the UK or abroad?

27th June 2012

In 2011, over 200,000 people were injured in Road Traffic Accidents.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, and you sustained an injury, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

9th June 2012

Protect yourself from domestic violence

A recent survey indicated that one in four women will be the subject of domestic violence at some point during their lifetime.

9th June 2012

What happens if you are involved in a collision with an 'Uninsured' or 'Untraced' driver?

The Motor Insurers Bureau ? Who are they and what do they do?

8th June 2012

Employers and website owners, have you updated your policy on cookies?

Have you updated your policy on Cookies?

23rd May 2012

Rundlewalker again persuade the Employment Tribunal that it was appropriate to make the maximum Protective Award to former employees

Rundlewalker were instructed by over 100 disgruntled former employees of a dairy processing plant in Okehampton. The employees had been dismissed with little or no consultation when the company collapsed in January 2011.

23rd May 2012

Dangerous Dogs Sentencing Guideline

On the 15 May 2012 the Sentencing Council published new guidelines showing a tougher approach to the way those convicted of dangerous dog offences are to be treated by the Court.

23rd May 2012

What effect would increasing the small claims limit for personal injury claims from ?1,000 to ?5,000 have on you?

Last year the Government announced that they would be considering raising the small claims limit for personal injury cases from ?1,000 to ?5,000.

22nd May 2012

Thousands of people visit showhomes at Cranbrook

What is said to be the first new settlement in Devon since medieaval times has opened its doors for business in the last two weeks.

26th April 2012

What affect has the Budget had on the housing market?

23rd April 2012

The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill

Article written by Susan Jury, Solicitor. As a family Solicitor specialising in family law, particularly in areas involving children, it has been with increasing alarm and dismay that I have watched the progress of the above Bill through Parliament.

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