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6th September 2018

Don't let your divorce end up before the Supreme Court

Divorce has been a hot topic over the summer with two cases ending up before the Supreme Court, and all over the news headlines, because the couples involved could not sort out their differences amicably.

9th August 2018

Relationship breakdown: whose debt is it anyway?

The average household in the UK now has debts of around £58,000 according to The Money Charity, and debt is cited as the reason one in ten couples decide to separate, divorce or dissolve their civil partnership.

9th August 2018

Buying a home: the importance of making sure the seller is entitled to sell.

If you are buying a house or a flat your conveyancer will need to carry out many checks and searches including checking that the seller is actually legally entitled to sell the property.

4th July 2018

Ground rent, some important questions answered.

 Taylor Wimpey’s recent decision to set aside £130 million pounds to settle ground rent disputes has attracted a lot of media attention.

8th June 2018

Am I entitled to a divorce? It depends whether you can prove the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage.

If you have decided to end your marriage by applying for a divorce you may be surprised to learn that there are certain criteria you need to satisfy before your application will be accepted.

8th June 2018

How the risk of flooding could affect your house purchase.

One in six homes in Britain are at risk of flooding, and it is not just properties close to rivers or the sea that can flood. Over three million homes are susceptible to flooding from surface water or from blocked drains and overflowing sewers.

4th June 2018


It was always a tussle between Devon and London. Teignmouth born Solicitor Rachel Smith loved her job in London and her ability to support her beloved Chelsea Football Club. But she also knew she wanted to return home.

4th May 2018

Considerations when buying a heritage property.

When we think of heritage properties, we think of buildings associated with our architectural past: a castle, stately home or an elegant Georgian townhouse. But new developments may also be heritage properties.

2nd May 2018

Why would anyone want a postnuptial agreement?

The discovery of an affair, concern about an expected inheritance being squandered or pressure from family or associates to protect your business interests are all possible reasons you might consider making a postnuptial agreement.

9th April 2018

Property boundaries and rights of access: what are they and why do they matter?

Boundaries determine the extent of any land or buildings you own. So, what happens where you need to cross a boundary line to maintain or repair your property, or even to read your gas and electricity meters?

4th April 2018

Enforcing financial orders in family proceedings.

Sometimes when the family court orders a payment to be made by your former spouse to settle a financial claim in divorce proceedings, the money owed is not always handed over when it should be. Where this happens it can be difficult to know what to do.

9th March 2018

Securing the right to see your grandchildren.

In the first of a two-part series of articles, Sue Jury, family law expert with Rundlewalker Solicitors, explains what rights grandparents have to see their grandchildren and the help available where contact is denied.

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