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8th March 2018

Costs for Property Conveyancing: what you need to know.

Buying a new home is exciting, whether it is a first-time purchase or a step up the property ladder. When considering quotations for the cost of conveyancing however, it can be like comparing apples with pears.

20th February 2018

Rundlewalker Again Sponsor Greenbow Running Club Straight 8 on August 4th 2018.

For the second year, we are thrilled to be sponsoring Greenbow Running Club, Exeter summer event "The Straight 8" on August 4th.

7th February 2018

Divorce: am I entitled to share my spouse's pension?

As part of any discussion regarding family finances following divorce, it is important to consider pensions. This is particularly so if compared to your former spouse you only have a very modest pension of your own or perhaps no pension at all.

6th February 2018

Sellers beware: Japanese Knotweed can seriously affect the saleability of your house.

If you have Japanese Knotweed in your garden it could seriously affect your chances of selling your home.

12th January 2018

Has your former partner abducted your child?

In this article Sue Jury, family law expert with Rundlewalker Solicitors in Exeter, explains what to do if your former partner has taken your child without your permission and is refusing to return them.

5th January 2018

Financing your home purchase (Part 2)

Sam Reid, conveyancing expert with Rundlewalker Solicitors in Exeter, looks at the implications of using a mortgage or private loan to finance your home purchase.

6th December 2017

The importance of privacy when a family dispute goes to court

Airing your dirty laundry in public is never a good idea when it involves family matters, and particularly where children are involved.

6th December 2017

Financing your home purchase (Part 1)

In a two-part series of articles, Sam Reid, conveyancing expert with Rundlewalker Solicitors in Exeter, explains how different ways to buy can affect your legal rights and why it is vital that you talk to your solicitor before you commit.

5th December 2017

Stamp Duty Land Tax relief for first-time buyers

As of the recent Budget, all first time buyer purchases up to £300,000 have NO stamp duty, and if the first time buyers are inside London there will be no stamp duty on the first £300,000 of their purchase.

26th September 2017

Who gets the house upon divorce?

Who gets the house on divorce? When a married couple separate, they need to decide what will happen to the family home.

15th November 2016

Are you worried about losing your driving licence?

It's that time of year when the party poppers are coming out and the office parties present the chance of "just one more". But beware...

13th May 2014

Go Local for your Personal Injury Claim

It's difficult to avoid the TV ads bombarding us constantly about personal injury claims, not to mention unwanted texts and cold calls from so-called specialist injury lawyers, all touting for business.

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