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22nd May 2013

Inquiry into domestic abuse called for

The family of Maria Stubbings, who was murdered by her ex-partner, are calling for a public inquiry into how domestic violence reports are handled by the police.

22nd May 2013

Deferred Prosecution Agreements

The Crime and Courts Act 2013, that received Royal Assent on 25th April 2013, will make provision for significant changes to the way in which crime involving corporate entities is dealt with in the UK.

21st May 2013

Wife retains overpayment of pension following mistake by Scottish Widows

A recent decision by the Pensions Ombudsman has concluded that an overpayment made in favour of the Wife, in relation to her share of the husband's pension should be retained by her and that she should not have to pay this back.

19th April 2013

Minimum wage to increase

The Government has recently announced that the minimum hourly rate is going to be raised by 12p an hour to ?6.31 for adults and by 5p to ?5.03 for 18 to 20 years olds.

2nd April 2013

Hell hath no fury like a husband scorned

A divorcing husband takes drastic action into his own hands by hanging a banner outside the former matrimonial home suggesting he will prove his estranged wife was a liar.

25th March 2013

New Costs Rules in Civil Proceedings

New rules are to be introduced in April 2013 to cut the costs of litigation. They are the result of a report written by Lord Jackson, and thus have become known as the Jackson Reforms. Rundlewalker comment:

19th March 2013

Attending the police station - ?A slap on the wrist??

How often is this phrase repeated when a client has been interviewed and a caution is offered as a ?slap on the wrist.?

14th March 2013

Defence of Marital Coercion - The Vicky Pryce Scenario

The defence of marital coercion has recently hit the headlines as it was used by Vicky Pryce in her trial in which she was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

11th March 2013

IMPORTANT - Changes to Legal Aid - Call us NOW!

Apply for Legal Aid before it's too late.

26th February 2013

Employment Rights for Axminster Carpet employees?

It has recently been announced by bosses at Axminster Carpets in Axminster, Devon that they have applied to go into administration. So where does this leave up to 400 employees?

20th February 2013

Employment Tribunal compensation for dinner lady

64 year old dinner lady, Carol Hill has been successful in pursuing her former employer, Great Tey Primary School, for compensation after she was unfairly dismissed.

18th February 2013

Defending Company Directors, Managers and Professionals.

Rundlewalker has set up a Department dedicated to advise and represent professional people who face criminal prosecution.

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